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THE POWER OF THE VOTE: Electing Presidents, Overthrowing Dictators, and Promoting Democracy Around the World [HarperCollins; April 10, 2007; $25.95], Schoen offers a never-before-seen glimpse inside some of the country's most pivotal elections, proving to America why he's one of the most successful and innovative campaign strategists in the history of the Democratic Party.

Schoen illustrates how technology and politics have merged to change the political process in America and abroad. His technology strategies were critical to Bill Clinton's successful reelection campaign in 1996 and revolutionized party strategy when he helped New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg get elected. In the book he demonstrates how to utilize the latest technology to help candidates win the hearts and minds of the public.

THE POWER OF THE VOTE also shares the inside stories of Schoen's other dramatic victories-from the legendary New York City mayoral race of 1977 where he helped Ed Koch claim the throne of New York to his twenty year-long efforts to modernize Israeli politics to his valiant, decade-long struggle to unseat Slobodan Milosevic not with cluster bombs and air power but through diligent campaign strategy and sophisticated polling. A true insider's tale from one of Washington's most successful and cherished personalities, THE POWER OF THE VOTE shows, above all, that the most effective nation building comes not with bombs but with ballot boxes.


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